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Dr. Jamieson's Environmental Studies Home Page

Dr. Heather Jamieson
Office: Miller 304 and Biosciences Complex, Room 3132,
Phone: (613) 533-6181,
Fax (613) 533-6592,
Department of Geological Sciences
    & Geological Engineering,

Miller Hall, Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario,
K7L 3N6
Professor Jamiesonís research is in the area of environmental geochemistry, and most but not all of her activities focus on the environmental impact of mining. Current projects include the development of mineralogical controls on the chemical evolution of extremely acid mine waters at Iron Mountain, California; the identification and evaluation of arsenic-bearing minerals in tailings, soils and sediments from the Yellowknife area; the study of mechanisms governing silicate dissolution, acid neutralization and secondary mineral precipitation at the Geco Mine, NW Ontario; modeling the long-term chemical stability of kimberlite tailings; the interaction of surface and ground waters with residual mine waste, alluvium and marl following the Los Frailes tailings dam accident, Sevilla, Spain; the determination of subzero sulfide oxidation rates and mechanisms; and the characterization of minerals on fracture coatings in clay-rich aquitards.
Professor Jamieson's research interests include:
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Mineralogical controls on water quality in mine waste
  • Cold climates, metals, arsenic, mineral-water interaction
  • XANES (X-ray Absorption NearEdge Spectroscopy), microPIXE (proton-induced x-ray emission) EMPA (electron microprobe analysis)

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