Dawn of Animal Life Print

Special thanks to the Canadian Geological Foundation for helping to make this exhibit possible at the Miller Museum.

While most people know of the dinosaurs from a mere 70 million years ago, very few are aware that the Earth's fossil record stretches over 3 billion years into the past. Using exclusively Canadian rocks and fossils, this exhibit highlights almost three billion years of early evolution when only simple, soft-bodied creatures inhabited the Earth. Highlights include the oldest known multicelled animal fossils co-discovered by Queen's professor Dr Guy Narbonne and Dr Hans Hofmann of the University of Montreal in 1990.

1Formation of Earth

2Eukaryotic Cells

3Multicelled Animal Fossils

4Ediacarian Fossils

5Mistaken Point Fossil Assemblage

6Oldest Complex Animal Fossils

Formation of the Earth
Eukaryotic Cells
Animal Fossils
Animal Fossils Fossil Assemblage Ediacaran Fossils