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Department of Geological Sciences
and Geological Engineering
Miller Hall, Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario,
K7L 3N6

tel. (613) 533-2597
fax. (613) 533-6592

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Sedimentology, Sedimentary Geochemistry & Paleobiology

Sedimentology, Sedimentary Geochemistry & Paleobiology is an exceptionally strong and well-integrated graduate field, and Queen’s University is especially well known for research in Precambrian sedimentology, cool-water carbonates, reefal environments, coastal environments, the evolution of sedimentary basins, and the early evolution of animals. The ability to integrate seismic imaging into projects is a strength. All four of the core professors are world leaders in their respective subdisciplines, have won national and international awards for their research, and have held significant leadership roles in national and international geoscience organizations.

In addition to standard instruction and supervision, during the first two years of their program all graduate students in this field participate in three, week-long fieldtrips (Quebec, New York, and either Nova Scotia or Bermuda) run by the core professors; this provides an exceptional environment for mentoring and for instruction on physical, chemical, and biological processes in both modern and ancient settings. There is a fruitful linkage with the Canadian petroleum industry, with continuous industry support for specific graduate student projects and our field-trip program.

Core Faculty:
Dr R.W. Dalrymple Miller 406(613) 533-6186
Dr N.P. James Miller 232(613) 533-6170
Dr T.K. Kyser Miller 410a(613) 533-6179
Dr G.M. Narbonne Bruce Wing 551(613) 533-6168

Supporting Faculty:

B. Beauchamp, Adjunct Professor
J.G. Gehling, Adjunct Professor
E. Hyatt, Adjunct Professor
L. Smith, Adjunct Professor
W. Martindale, Adjunct Professor

All staff can be reached by fax to (613) 533-6592, or at the phone numbers listed above. Clicking on the person's name will either take you to their home page, or bring up an email window.