Recent news

  1. BulletNew paper by Renaud published in Geology demonstrating that the South Tibetan detachment was active since early Oligocene in west Nepal (May 2016).

  2. BulletCheck out the new paper by Lindsay on rheological characteristics of crustal-scaled materials for centrifuge analogue modelling in Journal of Structural Geology (May 2016).

  3. BulletRohanna’s paper on diachronous deformation along the base of the Himalayan metamorphic core is now published in GSA Bulletin (May/June 2016).

  4. BulletWelcome to Svieda Ma, our newest QTRL member, who will be working on the strain history of the Bathurst fault, in collaboration with Dawn Kellett at the GSC.

  5. BulletNew paper in Lithosphere by Carl on the onset of orogen-parallel deformation in the Himalaya (October 2015) & cover ->

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Last updated May 2016